Hello, I'm Simone. I came up with the idea of the Heart to Heart cards to connect people to a safe space for healing and transformation. You can use the cards to help you release the past, recover and grow.

The Heart to Heart cards take you on a journey from brokenness to wholeness, confusion to clarity. The cards reflect your heart's emotional condition.

By using the suggested declarations and meditations from the guide book, you will discover fresh insights to unlock issues. The change you seek will begin.


I was looking for spiritual answers as far back as teenage years, when life was shaken up by crisis and trauma. My search for transformation led me in a host of different directions - a long story - perhaps for another day!

Early life was a catalogue of disappointments, rejection and loss. I was desperate to find some form of inner peace and and embarked on many years of spiritual exploration. Then one day, unexpectedly - a 'suddenly' moment! It is hard to describe the mystery of what took place... but after saying a prayer I had what I can only describe as an intimate heart to heart supernatural encounter. I felt as though my whole life was fully accepted and known by a most loving and powerful being. It was as though deep within I had arrived home, tears flowed, love and pain mingled - in that moment God showed up and something changed within the landscape of my soul.

In time I discovered that in a most intimate and personal way I had a revelation of the mystic Christ - for a Jewish girl this was simply not on the agenda!

My hope is that through the Heart to Heart messages and meditations your heart will find the unconditional love that it needs for its unique journey to the light.

The heart to heart deck has been such a help both to me and to others. It really is a powerful tool for making progress on your inner journey, enabling you to get in touch with buried pain and release your soul from negativity and blocks.

Apart from being a passionate spiritual seeker I have worked professionally with children and families for over 20 years. I am an innovative speaker on spirituality, and exhibit regularly at alternative events with the Transform by Light team. I live with my husband in the London area.


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